New Book for Ushkana Press

I edited, designed, and formatted the latest book from Ushkana Press, the publishing arm of Dorothy Ramon Learning Center. I serve as contract Editor for this nonprofit that saves and shares Southern California Native American cultures, and I took the 240-page book through every step from manuscript to published work. 

Illustration by David Fairrington, Design by Pat Murkland
Ushkana Press is pleased to announce its newest book, This War is For A Whole Life: The Culture of Resistance Among Southern California Indians, 1850-1966. This landmark work by Richard A. Hanks, PhD, tells the mostly untold stories of Southern California's own Native American heroes and follows the paths of leadership as American Indian people waged battle in tumultuous times to secure their Southern California homelands, natural resources, and respect. Historical photos, and the voices of Southern California Native American Elders (including several who have since passed away), help tell this history that's been missing from the history books.


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