About Me

I tell stories.
I research, write, edit, publish.
I design and illustrate.

I help people, diverse cultures, and untold history become visible.

Whatever your story may be, I can help you tell it.
My writing is accurate, clear, creative, and compelling. 

I edit, and I also can help you publish and present your work, whether it's online or in print. In print or online, I embrace new technologies with old-fashioned values and professionalism. 

My key words: Integrity. Vision. Imagination. Curiosity. Strategy. Resourcefulness. Collaboration. Usefulness. Perseverance. Heart.

History Detective
I'm known for my meticulous research and expert-level knowledge of area history. I'm often the "go to" person for clarity and better understanding. In my work, I always give access to diverse cultures and voices. I often discover and document obscured or previously unknown information that offers new historical perspectives. I give visibility. 

My life as a journalist and historian over a 46-year span has included work with diverse cultures, including close work with Native American Elders and Culture Bearers. This work requires strong ethics, accurate and clear representation, and always respectful collaboration. 

I've made a difference in my community and region. I'm proud of my 
community-building, civic engagement, volunteerism and leadership.
  • Volunteer board member of Dorothy Ramon Learning Center, Inc., since helping start the 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2003. Led by Elder Ernest Siva (Cahuilla-Serrano), the Center saves and shares Southern California's Native American cultures, languages, history, and traditional arts. I've organized numerous events, working with tribes as well as many different community partners and organizations, (As a contractor I also lead the Center's publishing arm, Ushkana Press.) I am editor of a weekly online newsletter, News from Dorothy Ramon Learning Center, that shares cultural knowledge under the direction of our Elder, for and with Native Americans and the greater public.
  • San Gorgonio Pass Historical Society, volunteer board member. The Society works to educate the community about our area's rich history. I give lectures, participate in community events, post history on the Society Facebook page for more than 3,000 followers, and share and create historic displays. My current projects include identifying, sharing the untold histories of, and protecting local historic landmarks, including cultural resources. I'm committed as a volunteer to help the city of Banning, as officials work to develop a historic preservation ordinance.
  • Banning Woman's Club, volunteer club historian. I regularly share the club's history and the history of founders with the community. These stories are entwined with the founding of the community, and the nationwide struggle in the early 1900s for women's rights, and often is not represented in written local history. 
  • Two Canyons Conservancy. I'm a volunteer board member working with California's former parks director and others from Riverside and San Bernardino counties to protect and present thousands of acres of open space, recreational space, and wilderness in San Timoteo Canyon and Live Oak canyons, which straddle the boundary of San Bernardino and Riverside counties.
  •  I also support Friends of Banning Library, and teach art and storytelling classes at the library to children and all others interested. I support the library's history archives. 
  • I'm a member of Gilman Ranch Hands, the support group of the Gilman Historic Ranch and Wagon Museum, a national historic landmark. One of my special areas of study is the pioneer Gilman family.
  • A personal approach to history is looking at the relationships people have had through time with our unique Inland Southern California landscapes. One special interest is Native American uses of native plants, from the past through today.
  • Mentor and supporter of other artists, including a storytelling group, other historians, other not-for-profit groups in my community. Have judged feature and profile writing in college journalism regional and state contests for several years.
In My Toolbox
• 46 years of experience in journalism and multi-media publishing, along with extensive research of area history. 
• From my newsroom era: Awards for investigative journalism and for writing news, and feature articles. From my 1970s university days: Award for creative fiction.
• Exceptional communications skills.
• Power writing, clear and compelling.
• Fusion of words with art and design vision.
• Strong social media skills for connecting, promoting, and branding. 
• Many cross-cultural professional and personal connections from more than half a lifetime in Inland Southern CA.
• Deadline-oriented, precise, enthusiastic work.
• Inclusive research for balanced storytelling. Respect and ethics for cultures and Culture Bearers. 
• Organizational skills, ability to multi-task with a meticulous eye.
• Proficiency that includes both Mac and Windows platforms, Adobe Creative Suite (including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), and more.

Work: Research. Write. Edit. 
Illustrate. Design. Publish. 
See my Resumé with detailed work experience since 1977.

When I'm not writing, editing, or telling stories in other ways ...
I live large with my Irish Wolfhounds.
I make art, mostly collages and altered art. I enjoy photography.
I enjoy exploring and learning about the natural world.

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