Community Service article

Please turn to Page 18 to read a recent article I wrote for UCR magazine about students who do community service.
It was inspiring to interview the students for this article, and to find out that so many are working hard to help people locally and around the globe.

What I'm Up To

Since 2003, I have been contract Editor for the nonprofit Dorothy Ramon Learning Center's publishing arm, Ushkana Press, and as the lone contractor I also do outreach, education, and programming work for the Learning Center. Please visit our blog.

Dorothy Ramon Learning Center is a 501(c)(3) public service corporation that works to save and share Southern California's American Indian cultures, languages, history, and music and other traditional arts. It is a privilege to work with Ernest Siva (Cahuilla/Serrano), our president and founder.

Creativity Unlimited

I bring experience (more than 30 years) and a fresh approach (joyful creativity) to each task:
• Experience in all facets of journalism and multi-media publishing, including newspapers, magazines, books, television and the Web.
• Exceptional communications, writing, and editing skills.
• Public relations work that gets results.
• Visual thinking as a publisher, graphic designer, photographer and artist.
• Meticulous and accurate research.
• Computer proficiency in both Mac and Windows platforms.